Photo Editors, Agencies, NGOs

Diverse Perspectives on Photography and Visual Media

This section introduces some of the key issues and challenges facing those working in various areas of visual media today and includes perspectives from those working in the mainstream media, wire services, NGOs, academia, photo agencies and new, online media.

The growth of the Internet and the spread of multiple new, mobile technologies has changed how many of those working in visual media produce and distribute photojournalism and documentary photography. Changing economic models for traditional media clients are provoking innovations and alterations in the ways the visual media market at large functions. While photojournalism and long-form documentary story-telling are often said to be ‘in crisis’, these interviews illustrate, among many other things, the diverse strategies that are being presently undertaken to ensure their survival and further development.

Below you will find Caitlin Patrick’s interviews with Stephen Mayes, Fred Ritchin, Amy Yenkin, Santiago Lyon, Brian Storm, Sophie Wright, Jessica Crombie, Roger Tooth, Turi Munthe, Monica Allende and Ray Wells.  New challenges and possibilities for the industry are also discussed in our ‘Medium & Message’ conference videos.

1. Stephen Mayes, Managing Director, VII Photo

2. Fred Ritchin, Professor of Photography, NYU

3. Amy Yenkin, Director, Documentary Photography Project, Open Society Institute

4. Santiago Lyon, Director of Photography, Associated Press

5. Brian Storm, Founder and Executive Producer, MediaStorm

6. Sophie Wright, Cultural and Print Room Director, Magnum Photos, London

7. Jessica Crombie, Picture Editor, Water Aid, London

8. Roger Tooth, Head of Photography, The Guardian

9. Turi Munthe, CEO, Demotix photo agency

10. Monica Allende, Picture Editor, Sunday Times Magazine

11. Ray Wells, Head of Photography, Sunday Times