Welcome to our website.  Photography and International Conflict is an interdisciplinary research project, funded from June 2008-May 2011 by an Irish Research Council for Humanities and Social Sciences Thematic Project Research Grant.  It brings together scholars and practitioners in the fields of visual media and international relations to examine the roles of image producers and the functions of photographic imagery in the documentation and communication of wars, violent conflicts and human rights issues.

This project website provides expert commentaries and primary documentation on histories, theories and practices of photographic representation of international conflict.  It also hosts a number of case studies that provide detailed, illustrated analyses of particular geopolitical conflicts and issues surrounding the making and consumption of conflict imagery.

The website is a resource centre and discussion site for scholars and practitioners.  It archives visual and video materials – see our Resources section – as well as scholarly debate, and provides links to further readings and discussions.  We invite contributions, visual or written, that will deepen and broaden critical knowledge about this field.  In particular, we welcome proposals to showcase photography in the Gallery.  Although its initial funded stage is completed, the project continues as a work in progress and this new website will be updated with future developments.

Ashley Gilbertson/VII Network- Iraqis attempt to extinguish a fire on Saadoun Street in Baghdad, Iraq.

To see and hear Ashley speak about his recent work, please visit our Medium & Message: Conflict Photography in the Digital Era conference page.

Banner photo courtesy of Paul Lowe/Panos Pictures.